How Long Does It Take To Rewire a House?

House Rewiring

You might have heard about rewiring and even decided that your house needs it but now comes the question: how long will it take to rewire the house?

There is no one single answer to this question because there are many factors that can influence the duration of rewiring. First of all you should decide weather you need full rewiring or partial rewiring. Specialists from property rewiring in London will help you with this. They will carry out an inspection of your house wiring and tell you weather everything should be replaced or just a part.

Second factor that defines the duration of the rewiring is the size of your house. Obviously rewiring a flat takes less time than rewiring a 3 bed house.

Another thing that can help to speed up rewiring process is moving out from the house for some time. If you can leave the house and put all the furniture in the temporary storage or move it to the centre of the room it will make the rewiring faster. It will simply save the time of the workers on moving the furniture. Besides moving the furniture around the house may cost extra amount of money.

One more thing that you should take into consideration is the place you leave. If you need rewiring a house in centre London it may take extra time because the workers will not be allowed to work long hours during the date because many people leave around. If you live in the countryside the rewiring in your house will bother nobody and the workers will be able to finish the rewiring in a short period of time.

If speak about approximate duration of complete rewiring – it normally takes between 5 and 7 days to fix everything and 2 days to finish. In any case if you think about rewiring your house you should be ready to leave it for a week or two. Moreover before you take final decision consult with electricians in order to clarify all the details of the rewiring in your house.

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