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How Much Money Does Rewiring Require?

House Rewiring

Rewiring is a process of partial or complete replacement of the wiring in your house or flat. It may be required due to bad condition of the wiring or some force majeure circumstances. Problems with the wiring may cause fire or damage electrical appliances. That is why is strongly recommended to check the wiring every 3—5 years and make necessary replacements on time.

Of course rewiring will cost particular sum of money and the question is: How much should I pay for complete property rewiring in London?

First of all the price depends on the size of your property. Rewiring a 3 bed house will cost you around £1500. If there are 5 bedrooms the price will increase to £3500 while 2 bedroom house rewiring will cost you approximately £1200. If you have one-bedroom flat you will pay less as rewiring a flat costs not more that £1000.

If you want exactly how much money you will pay for the complete or partial rewiring it is better to contact one of the electrical companies and ask them to make necessary calculations. They will send the specialist to inspect the wiring of your house and evaluate the amount of work that should be done.

Price on rewiring depends on many factors. As mentioned above it will depend on number of rooms you have. Rewiring price will also depend on the location of your house. For example rewiring house in the countryside will cost less than rewiring a house in centre London. The difference in price can be explained by more complicated electrical network structure in the city rather that in the countryside.

The rewiring price will also depend on the number of sockets and light fixtures you have or you prefer to set up. More extra sockets you need more money you will have to pay. However all these small extras can’t change the price dramatically and the price range will be always more or less the same.

You can see the average prices for house rewiring below which we collected from our colleagues all over the UK. The same job might cost more or less depending on contractor even in the same area because of tight competition in a difficult economical climate nowadays.

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