Few Words About Rewiring And When It Is Needed

House Rewired

You might have already heard about rewiring but still not sure what it is. Today rewiring means full or partial change of the wires in the house. The procedure is not the easiest one besides it can be done once in 25 years. Not all people have ever met with rewiring. Further we will describe when and why it is necessary to make rewiring.

There are several situations when rewiring is required. Pay attention that rewiring a flat and rewiring a house in central London or rewiring a 3 bed house is different but the idea is still the same.

First of all if there is any problem with electrical wiring in the house especially a major problem that may lead to fire, it is strongly recommended rewiring the house.

Second, in case the wiring of the house is very old it is also a good idea to change it and avoid any serious problems in future. If you doubt how old the wiring of your house is you can have a simple look at it. If the wires are isolated with rubber – your wiring is very old. This type of isolation hasn’t been used since 1960’s. In this case it makes sense to rewire the house and not wait until something bad happens.

Third case is when you constantly face problems with blowing fuses or tripping RCDs. All these small issues show that there is something wrong with the wiring. To avoid any trouble with electricity you best decision would be to make rewiring.

If you really doubt whether your house needs to be rewired or not you may consult with specialists – contact property rewiring in London. Electricians will come and make an inspection of the house. This inspection will show if there is any problem with the wiring.

In any case rewiring should be done on time. Don’t wait until you have major problems with electricity or high voltage will damage all electric appliances in your house. It is recommended to make inspection of the wiring every 5 years just to avoid any unexpected and unpleasant situations.

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